From the first of February 2021, the new EU regulation on precursors for explosives takes precedence. Explosive precursors in this case are raw materials that can be used to make explosives. To meet and implement the new regulation, national legislation is also adapted. The regulation was put in place to prevent malicious persons from making explosives with these substances undetected.

This new regulation implies several obligations to companies, regarding explosive precursors for which a restriction applies. These restricted precursors are found in so-called list 1. These restrictions imply that substances or products that contain these substances can not just be sold and that the Dutch government and the EU impose certain requirements on the sale.

EU law distinguishes the explosive precursors by dividing them into two various lists of substances (see section below), the so-called annexes to the EU regulation. Both these lists are subject to different rules and obligations.

List 1: Explosive precursors for which a restriction applies

Name of substanceLimit above which a permit is requiredLimit above which no permit is granted
Nitric acid3% g/g10% g/g
Hydrogen peroxide12% g/g35% g/g
Sulphuric acid15% g/g40% g/g
Nitromethane16% g/g100% g/g
Ammonium Nitrate16 % g/g nitrogen in relation to ammonium nitrateNo licensing allowed
Potassium Chlorate40% g/gNo licensing allowed
Potassium Perchlorate40% g/gNo licensing allowed
Sodium Chlorate40% g/gNo licensing allowed
Sodium Perchlorate40% g/gNo licensing allowed

List 2: Explosive precursors for which a notification obligation applies

Name of substance
Potassium Nitrate
Sodium Nitrate
Calcium Nitrate
Calcium ammonium nitrate
Magnesium, powders (With a particle size of less than 200 μm and/or as a substance or in mixtures with at least 70% g/g)
Magnesium Nitrate Hexahydrate
Aluminium, powders (With a particle size of less than 200 μm and/or as a substance or in mixtures with at least 70% g/g)

DutchChems is not liable for the up-to-dateness of these two lists. As a reliable source, you should always check government documents on the national government website:

What does this mean for me as a customer?

For you as customer, this means that for certain products we will ask you to fill in what you plan on using the product for. Also, if applicable, we ask you to upload your permit for the specific substance. To make this process as easy as possible, these input fields are automatically presented to you on the product page if required.

You as a customer do not have to worry about whether or not you supplied all necessary information/documents. This process is handled by the website, and the product can not be added to your cart if you didn’t.

We are obligated to register and save your information for a period of 18 months after purchasing one of the substances classified as a precusor. How we handle your information, can be found in the privacy policy. We also also obligated to report suspicious transactions to the Reporting Center for Suspicious Transactions of Chemicals. 

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