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Open EHBO-kit met diverse inhoud zoals pleisters, verband, schaar, handschoenen, en antiseptische doekjes netjes gerangschikt.

What’s in a first aid kit?

A first aid kit is essential for providing first aid in case of accidents at home, at work, during travel or sporting activities. A basic first aid kit contains plasters, bandages, disinfectants, instruments such as scissors and tweezers, protective equipment such as gloves, and essential medications including painkillers and anti-allergy medications. It is important to personalize the kit to personal or specific needs and check it regularly for expired products. A well-equipped first aid kit, combined with knowledge of how to use it, can be crucial in emergency situations.
Gezond beplant aquarium met levendige waterplanten en vissen, geoptimaliseerd door NPK-bemesting

Aquarium fertilization calculator

Effective NPK fertilization in the aquarium is essential for the health of plants and fish. By using a basic test set, you can regularly check the water values ​​and accurately dose the required nutrients. The ideal nitrate level is between 10 and 25ppm. Dosage adjustments are dependent on measured values, with a divided schedule over several days recommended for stability. If nitrate levels are too high, often caused by overfeeding or insufficient water changes, changing the water is the only solution. Regular monitoring and adjustment of water quality support a healthy aquarium ecosystem.
Een vorkheftruck tilt gestapelde Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) in een industrieel magazijn.

Chemicals | Wholesaler and Supplier

As a leading wholesaler, DutchChems offers a wide range of chemicals, suitable for both large and small projects. The company stands for quality, safety and compliance with strict regulations, while catering to a diverse customer base. With more than 200 products, including acids, bases, metals and organic compounds, DutchChems meets the needs of industry, education and research. The emphasis is on safe and sustainable use of chemicals, supported by expert advice and an informative helpdesk. DutchChems strives for innovation and safety in the chemical sector.
Antivries wordt gegoten vanuit een fles in het koelsysteem van een auto.

Antifreeze | Types, Applications and Misconceptions

This article delves into the essential world of antifreeze, highlighting the various types such as ethylene glycol and propylene glycol, and their specific applications in vehicle cooling systems and beyond. It emphasizes the importance of antifreeze in both hot and cold climates, and not just as protection against freezing. In addition, the article addresses common misconceptions such as the interchangeability of antifreeze products and the need for regular replacement to ensure optimal performance. The article concludes with the importance of safe use and environmental impacts of antifreeze, promoting awareness and responsibility among the reader.
Nagellak Verwijderen met Nagellakremover

Nail Polish Remover | With or without Acetone

Learn all about nail polish remover, including the different types such as acetone-based and non-acetone. Find out why it's important to be careful with acetone-based removers, especially on dry nails, and consider gentler alternatives. Learn how to moisturize your nails after removal and why a well-ventilated area is important. This guide provides essential tips for effectively removing nail polish and maintaining healthy and beautiful nails.
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