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Half-face mask – 3M 4279+ FFA1B1E1K1-P3 R D

3M 4279+ FFA1B1E1K1-P3 R D half-mask optimally protects against acidic and inorganic gases, ammonia, organic vapors and dust. The half-mask is also very comfortable, easy to use, maintenance-free and ready to use.

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49427910 EN CE certificate
49427910 EN CE
49427910 FR product sheet

– Filters to protect against acid gases, ammonia, inorganic gases, organic vapors (boiling point >65 degrees) and dusts
– Ready-to-use, maintenance-free half-mask
– The use of the unique filter technology allows a very low-profile design so that visibility is not obstructed
– Soft, textured face seal ensures that the mask fits comfortably
– New improved exhalation valve reduces breathing resistance by more than 30%
– Lightweight and well-balanced for comfort during extended periods of use
– Inhalation valves along both sides and large, multilayer carbon filters to reduce breathing resistance, complemented by a low-resistance parabolic exhalation valve to prevent heat build-up
– Low profile ensures wide field of vision and compatibility with 3M eye guards
– User-friendly, no assembly, maintenance or registration required
– Easy and safe adjustment of the neck strap and head harness
– Optional overspray filter protector extends dust filter life during paint spraying
– Face mask is made of thermoplastic elastomer
– Maximum product weight 320 grams


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OXXA Cover 6210 Overall - Disposable coverall - Waterproof - Sizes L, XL, XXL

Original price was: € 3,99.Current price is: € 2,96.
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  • Quality: non-woven polypropylene (approx. 50 grams)
  • Concealed two-way zipper
  • Fixed hood
  • Elastic in the sleeves, legs and hood
  • The coverall is CPE coated and therefore waterproof
  • This coverall can only be used as a means of protection for the underlying clothing
  • Packed individually
  • This overall is for single use

Green PVC gloves with underarm protection: Flexible and chemical resistant - OXXA PVC-Chem-Green 20-435

Original price was: € 7,99.Current price is: € 5,63.
(0 Reviews)
  • Glove with full PVC coating
  • Jersey cotton carrier
  • Double dipped glove with scalloped edge
  • The rough 'Sandy finish' on the palm provides an excellent grip
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to jersey lining
  • Very flexible glove that protects the hand and forearm from various chemicals
  • Sanitized treated to inhibit bacteria, minimize odors and promote freshness
  • Length: 350 mm
  • Thickness: 1.8mm

FFP3 R D - 3M 8833 - Dust mask with exhalation valve

Original price was: € 5,81.Current price is: € 3,93.
(0 Reviews)
The 3M 8833 FFP3 R D dust mask features a 3M Cool Flow valve for reduced heat and moisture build-up and increased comfort. The dust mask is lightweight and durable.

OXXA Antonius 5925 wall holder for eyewash bottle

Original price was: € 9,38.Current price is: € 7,20.
(0 Reviews)
  • Wall holder for M-Safe eye wash bottle 500 ml

FFP2 NR D - 3M 8822 - Dust mask with exhalation valve

Original price was: € 3,03.Current price is: € 2,06.
(0 Reviews)
The 3M 8822 FFP2 NR D dust mask features a 3M Cool Flow valve for reduced heat and moisture build-up and increased comfort. The dust mask is lightweight and durable.

X-Grippaz Pro-Long 44-545 - Extra Long - Premium Nitrile Disposable Gloves - Powder Free - 50 pieces - Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL

Original price was: € 15,13.Current price is: € 12,04.
(0 Reviews)
The X-Grippaz Pro-Long 44-545 gloves offer superior hand protection with their patented fish scale texture, high tear resistance and extra-long length. Made of 100% nitrile, they are resistant to punctures, chemicals and oils, making them a reliable choice for a variety of industries.
  • 100% nitrile
  • Silicone-free
  • Length: 300 mm and thickness: 0.15 mm (6 mil)
  • AQL 1.5 (EN 374)
  • Suitable for contact with many foods
  • Meets EN 455 requirement for medical examination gloves
  • Packed per 50 pieces in a dispenser

Dunlop Purofort FieldPRO full safety boot S5

 62,25 67,93
(0 Reviews)
  • Perfected fit with Dunlop's innovative Snugfit design to prevent heel slipping
  • The new Dunlop Purofort PRO series boots are true to size so make sure you buy your normal shoe size or a size larger than your current Dunlop Purofort boots
  • Sneaker fit
  • Strong and flexible
  • Lightweight and thermally insulating
  • The trusted choice for professionals in agriculture and industry
  • With outsole tread wear indicator
  • Outsole profile wicks mud and water away for safety every step of the way
  • Purofort keeps feet fresh
  • Sustainable Purofort lasts a long time
  • Cut- and wear-resistant Purofort guarantees long-term protection
  • S5 EN ISO 20345:2011 certified steel toe cap and midsole
  • With improved insole
  • Complies with SRC anti-slip standard
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