Laboratory glass

There is a wide variety of different types of laboratory glass, each serving their own specific purposes. Laboratory glass is most common in laboratories of institutes, schools and companies. But hobbyists can also use it for their experiments. At DutchChems we are there to provide our customers with all kinds of different types of glassware. With our constantly growing selection, you should have no trouble finding what you need.

Most laboratory glass is made of a special material called borosilicate. This material has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. This makes it more resistant to thermal shock than normal glass. It allows the glass to be heated without cracking. DutchChems laboratory glass is largely made of this material, which has proven to be of high quality.

Erlenmeyer flasks:

Erlenmeyer flasks are also called conical flasks. It is a type of laboratory glass with a flat bottom, conical body and a cylindrical neck. This shape makes it very suitable for mixing with the swirling technique. The glass is also great for heating liquids and reducing solvent loss. At DutchChems we offer both narrow neck Erlenmeyer bottles and wide neck Erlenmeyer bottles . You can view it in our store at:


Beakers are another common type of glassware found in a laboratory. These glasses are very suitable for storing, pouring and mixing liquids. They are also available in a wide range of sizes. Beakers are usually made of borosilicate glass which makes them safe to heat. We offer beakers in volumes ranging from 100 ml to 600 ml. All beakers are graduated, making it easy to measure precise amounts of liquids. You can make a selection at:

Measuring cylinders

Measuring cylinders also known as mixing cylinders are a common piece of laboratory glassware used for accurately measuring a volume of liquid. They have a narrow shape and a very precise graduation mark on the side. There are two classes of graduated cylinders; Class A and Class B. Class A has double the accuracy of Class B. Our graduated cylinders can be found at:

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