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The Ultimate Guide to Dust Masks: Everything You Need to Know

Dust masks protect the lungs against harmful particles in the air, ranging from house dust to very harmful substances such as bacteria. There are three grades: FFP1 (for non-toxic particles), FFP2 (for harmful substances such as metal) and FFP3 (for very harmful particles such as mold spores). Abbreviations on masks indicate whether they are reusable, can withstand clogging and whether they are disposable. Additional points of attention are the breathing valve, shelf life, storage instructions and allergy information. It is important to inspect masks regularly and ensure certification. The correct choice and handling of dust masks ensure optimal protection.

The ultimate guide to safety products: Protect yourself at home, at work and beyond

In a world where safety comes first, safety products are crucial, both at home and at work. It is essential to protect your eyes, hands and respiratory tract from potential hazards with safety glasses, gloves and masks respectively. Protective clothing is especially important in high-risk sectors such as the chemical industry. There are also countless situations in the household where safety measures are necessary. Being prepared and investing in quality products is key to ensuring your own safety and that of your loved ones.
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