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Ethyl alcohol 70%

Original price was: € 10,45.Current price is: € 8,35.
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Premium Ethyl Alcohol 70% with superior disinfectant power against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Perfect for use in medical environments, laboratories, and at home. Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.
Original price was: € 10,45.Current price is: € 8,35.

Ethyl alcohol 90%

Original price was: € 10,45.Current price is: € 8,35.
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Premium Ethyl Alcohol 90% offers maximum disinfection power against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Ideal for professional applications in laboratories and medical institutions. Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.
Original price was: € 10,45.Current price is: € 8,35.

Ethyl alcohol 99.8%

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Denatured ethyl alcohol 99.8%. Ideal for use in medical facilities, laboratories and at home. Ethyl alcohol evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. Can be diluted with demineralized water to reduce the concentration.
Original price was: € 34,50.Current price is: € 29,95.

What is Ethyl Alcohol?

Ethyl alcohol, also known as ethanol, is an organic compound with the chemical formula C2H5OH. It is the most common form of alcohol and plays an essential role in both consumption and industry. As a volatile, colorless liquid, it is valued for its disinfectant properties and as a solvent in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Applications and availability

Ethyl alcohol is available in different concentrations such as 70% ketonatus, 96% ketonatus and denatured ethanol 99.8%. These variations each have unique applications, from hand sanitizers and cleaning solutions to laboratory uses and the production of perfumes and extracts. The high concentrations also make these alcohols suitable as fuel additives and for special technical purposes.

About Denaturation

Denaturing is the process by which ethyl alcohol is made unsuitable for consumption by the addition of one or more chemicals. This is done to exempt ethyl alcohol from regulations and taxes that apply to consumer alcohol. Denatured ethanol is widely used in industrial applications, including cleaning, disinfecting and as a solvent.

Working Safely with Ethyl Alcohol

Due to the highly flammable nature of ethanol, some caution should be exercised when handling this substance. It is important to work in well-ventilated areas, avoid direct skin contact and wear appropriate personal protective equipment. In addition, it should be kept away from open flames and heat sources to minimize the risk of fire.

Buy ethyl alcohol at DutchChems

At DutchChems you will find an extensive range of ethyl alcohol in different concentrations, suitable for a wide range of applications. Our products meet high quality standards, ensuring you receive a reliable and effective product for your specific needs. Whether you are looking for ethanol for industrial applications, laboratory work or disinfectants, DutchChems has you covered.

We supply ethyl alcohol in all types of packaging, from tankers to IBCs to small packaging such as individual bottles. Do you want to purchase a large quantity? Please contact us via the contact form.

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