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Ethyl alcohol 99.8%

Denatured ethyl alcohol 99.8%. Ideal for use in medical facilities, laboratories and at home. Ethyl alcohol evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. Can be diluted with demineralized water to reduce the concentration.

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What is Ethyl Alcohol 99.8%?

DutchChems Ethyl Alcohol 99.8%, also known as pure ethanol 99.8% is a highly concentrated alcohol. This non-drinking alcohol has an extremely high purity and powerful antiseptic properties. This makes it a very effective agent that can be used in cleaning for disinfection and sterilization of surfaces.

In addition, ethyl alcohol 99.8% is often used as a solvent in both industrial and laboratory processes. This liquid is extremely suitable for dissolving both polar and non-polar substances.

Due to the high concentration, Ethyl Alcohol 99.8% evaporates very quickly. This ensures that you do not have to wipe the surface after use. However, in some cases it is advisable to dilute the liquid with demineralized water to increase the contact time of the alcohol with the surface. This gives the alcohol a better chance to kill any pathogens on the surface. Ethyl alcohol 70% is recommended for disinfection and cleaning of surfaces.

This product is denatured and absolutely not suitable for consumption.

What can you use this product for?

  • Extracting substances : You can use this almost pure form of alcohol to extract active ingredients from plant materials for the production of essential oils, fragrances, and herbal extracts.
  • Cleaning agent : Due to its strong solvent power and rapid evaporation, ethanol 99.8% is used for cleaning laboratory equipment, optical components, and electronic devices. It can dissolve grease, oils, resins, and some adhesives without leaving residue.
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products : Ethanol serves as a solvent for the production of tinctures, perfumes, lotions, and disinfectants. The high concentration ensures that the end products remain concentrated and have a longer shelf life.
  • Synthesis of chemicals : In the chemical industry, denatured ethanol 99.8% is used as a reaction medium for synthesis reactions. It serves as a solvent for many organic reactions and helps create a wide variety of chemical products.
  • Laboratory analysis : Ethanol is used as a solvent in chromatography and other analytical techniques. It helps dissolve the analytes, allowing them to be separated and identified.
  • Degreasing agent : In the metalworking and mechanical industries, ethanol is used to degrease metal surfaces in preparation for paint or adhesive applications.

Instructions for use for Ethyl Alcohol 99.8%

To open the bottle of ethyl alcohol 99.8%, first press the cap and then turn it counterclockwise to open the child-resistant closure.

Health and Safety


GHS symbol for flammable. GHS symbol for irritant.

Hazard statements (H phrases)

  • H225: Highly flammable liquid and vapour
  • H319: Causes serious eye irritation

Precautionary measures (P-phrases)

  • P210: Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. Do not smoke.
  • P233: Keep container tightly closed
  • P305+P351+P338: IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. remove contact lenses, if possible; keep rinsing.


  • What is the difference between ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol ?

    • Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) are both alcohols with disinfectant properties, but they differ chemically and in their applications. Ethanol is commonly used in drinks and as a disinfectant, while isopropanol is used more as a cleaning agent and antiseptic.
  • Can ethyl alcohol 99.8% be used for disinfection?
    • Yes, ethyl alcohol 99.8% is effective against many bacteria, viruses and fungi and is often used as a disinfectant for surfaces, medical instruments and hands.
  • Is it safe for use on the skin?
    • At concentrations found in hand sanitizers (usually between 60% and 70%), ethyl alcohol is safe for use on the skin. However, higher concentrations can cause dryness and irritation.
  • How do I store this product?
    • Store it in a cool, dry place, out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid storage in direct sunlight or near heat sources to minimize the risk of evaporation or ignition.
  • Can I drink ethyl alcohol 99.8%?
    • Only alcohol that is specifically intended for consumption, such as in alcoholic beverages, is safe to drink. Denatured ethanol, also referred to as “technical ethanol”, has been processed with chemicals to make it inedible and is poisonous if ingested. This alcohol is therefore NOT drinkable.
  • Where can I find more information about ethyl alcohol?

Where can I buy Ethyl Alcohol 99.8%?

To purchase small quantities of concentrated alcohol, you may be able to go to specific pharmacies or specialized drugstores. However, for those looking for premium quality ethyl alcohol from a reliable chemical supplier, DutchChems offers a solution. Our product is directly available through our online webshop, where you can place your order easily and safely. Each product is carefully packaged and delivered quickly to your home. For specific concentrations or larger orders, we are ready to provide a tailor-made quote.

Do you have questions about the use of this product for certain applications, or would you like to know more about our products? Please feel free to contact us via the contact form on our website. Our expert team is happy to help you with professional advice and support.

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