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Boric acid powder

Boric acid powder is a relatively weak acid consisting of boron, oxygen and hydrogen. It has many applications in both the domestic setting and within industry. Our boric acid powder is offered in handy 800 gram jars with a screw cap.

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What is boric acid powder

Boric acid powder, also known as orthoboric acid, is a white crystalline powder composed of boron, oxygen and hydrogen. It is widely used because of its diverse applications in different industries and household settings.

This powder is known as a relatively weak acid and has several practical uses. The product is easily soluble in water and ethanol and is often used for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and materials. It acts as a natural preservative and prevents mold formation. In addition, it is sometimes used to combat pests such as ants, cockroaches and silverfish.

Health and Safety


GHS symbol for health hazard.

Hazard statements (H phrases)

  • H360FD: May damage fertility. May harm the unborn child.

Precautionary measures (P-phrases)

  • P101: If medical advice is needed, have the container or label at hand.
  • P102: Keep out of the reach of children.
  • P201: Obtain special instructions before use.
  • P202: Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood.
  • P280: Wear protective gloves/Face protection/Protective clothing/Respiratory protection/Protective footwear.
  • P308+P313: IF exposed or suspected: Get medical advice/attention.
  • P405: Store locked up.
  • P501: Dispose of contents/packaging through the municipal waste and recycling service.

Where can I buy boric acid powder?

For high-quality boric acid powder, DutchChems is the right place for you. DutchChems offers a wide range of chemical products, all of which meet strict quality standards. With fast delivery and excellent customer service, DutchChems is your trusted source for boric acid powder and other chemicals.




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