Potassium nitrate as a fertilizer

A vegetable garden or allotment garden is not only beautiful to look at, but also provides you with delicious fresh home-made fruit and vegetables all year round. To enjoy a bountiful harvest, it is important to fertilize your small garden regularly. It is important to know which nutrients your plants need.

The nutrients that plants need are indicated by so-called macronutrients. Plants mainly need three macronutrients, namely nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Each of these macronutrients is responsible for its own part of the growth process.

Nitrogen is responsible for plant growth and development, phosphorus for root development and fruit flowering, and potassium for the absorption of water and other nutrients. Potassium is also known to improve crop quality.

When there is a shortage of these nutrients in the soil, a poor and weak harvest is likely. That is why it is important to fertilize correctly.

But which fertilizer is the very best?

Various fertilizers have been used and tested over the years. This has shown time and time again that organic fertilizers provide the best results in crop growth and color. In addition, by using organic fertilizers you prevent any soil contamination.

Using potassium nitrate as a fertilizer

One of the most interesting organic fertilizers is potassium nitrate with the chemical formula KNO3. The name actually says it all, the substance consists of potassium and nitrate. These are the two most important macronutrients needed by plants. With a small amount you feed your crops and bring them into optimal condition.

There are several types of alternatives on the market, but despite this, potassium nitrate remains the best choice. This is due to the high and pure presence of the substances potassium and nitrate. Without other additives, it is exactly what your plants need. The purest form of fertilization.

Potassium nitrate is generally supplied in dry form and can be easily spread by hand. It is also possible to dissolve it in water and pour it over your crops.

How Much Potassium Nitrate to Add to the Garden?

Potassium nitrate consists of 13 percent nitrogen and approximately 1 to 1.5 kg of nitrogen must be added to the soil per 100 square meters. This amounts to approximately 10 kg of potassium nitrate per 100 square meters. Or, 100 grams per square meter of garden. When fertilizing, it is important to ensure that no nutrient imbalance occurs. This can be prevented by spreading the product evenly over the garden and not concentrating it in one spot.

Where can I buy potassium nitrate?

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