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Nitric acid

High quality nitric acid (HNO₃), ideal for metalworking, fertilizer production and laboratory applications. Always ensure safe use and storage. Indispensable for professionals who strive for excellence in their field.


What is Nitric Acid?

Nitric acid, also known as nitric acid, is a potent and corrosive acid with the chemical formula HNO₃. It is known for its bright, colorless to pale yellow appearance and is widely used in industry and laboratories. DutchChems offers high quality nitric acid, which must be handled with the utmost care due to its reactive nature.

What can you buy/use Nitric Acid for?

  • Metalworking: Known for etching metals such as copper and silver, and for the purification of gold.
  • Fertilizer: Essential in the production of ammonium nitrate, a popular fertilizer.
  • Laboratory: An indispensable reagent for various analyses and synthesis reactions.
  • Organic Synthesis: Plays a crucial role in the production of nylon and other synthetic materials.



Chemical safety: GHS03 icon showing a flame above a circle. GHS symbol for corrosive. GHS symbolizes toxic.
Oxidizing Corrosive Poisonous


Molecular formula: HNO3
Chemical names: NITRIC ACID
Azotic acid
Aqua fortis
Molecular weight: 63,013 g/mol
CAS Number:
EC Number
ICSC number:
UN number:


Dangers of Nitric Acid

This powerful acid can cause severe burns on contact with the skin and is harmful if inhaled. Therefore, it is necessary to always wear the right protective equipment, such as gloves and safety glasses, when working with this acid.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Nitric Acid dangerous? Absolutely. It can cause burns and is harmful if inhaled. Always wear the right protection.
  • How should I store Nitric Acid? In a cool, dry place, far from children and separated from other chemicals.
  • How do I neutralize a nitric acid spill? For small spills, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can be used. Provide good ventilation and protective clothing.
  • Can Nitric Acid dissolve metals? Yes, it can dissolve many metals, especially copper and silver.
  • Where can I find more information about nitric acid? Consult the safety data sheets or visit PubChem for detailed information.

Where can I buy Nitric Acid?

Are you looking for top quality nitric acid? Choose DutchChems! Order online and we will ensure fast and safe delivery. Please note special shipping requirements due to the nature of this product.


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