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Benzyl alcohol

Top quality Benzyl alcohol, excellent for use in cosmetics and as a solvent. Available at DutchChems.


What is Benzyl Alcohol?

Benzyl alcohol is an aromatic alcohol with the chemical formula C7H8O. It presents itself as a colorless liquid with a light, pleasant aromatic smell. It is found naturally in many plants and is a component of essential oils such as jasmine.

What do you use Benzyl alcohol for?

  • Solvent: For inks, paints, lacquers and epoxy resin coatings.
  • Preservative: In medicines, cosmetics and foods due to its antimicrobial properties.
  • Fragrance and flavouring: In perfumes and flavorings because of the pleasant smell.
  • Production: As an intermediate in the synthesis of other chemicals.

Dangers of Benzyl Alcohol

Although Benzyl alcohol is considered relatively safe, at high concentrations it can cause irritation to the skin and eyes. It is important to handle with caution and not to exceed the recommended dosages.


  • Is Benzyl alcohol safe for the skin?
    In low concentrations, it is often used in cosmetics, but in high concentrations it can cause irritation.
  • In which products can I find Benzyl alcohol?
    It is found in many cosmetics, perfumes, and also as a preservative in some foods and medicines.
  • Where can I find more information about Benzyl alcohol?
    For more detailed details, please visit [Pubchem – Benzyl alcohol].

Where can I buy high quality Benzyl alcohol?

At DutchChems we offer top quality Benzyl alcohol, suitable for various industrial applications and cosmetics.


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