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Styrene (ethenylbenzene)

High quality Styrene (ethenylbenzene), ideal for the production of plastics and various other applications. Available at DutchChems.


What is Styrene (Ethenylbenzene)?

Styrene, also known as ethenylbenzene, is an organic compound used primarily as a monomer for the production of polystyrene – a common plastic material. It is a colorless or light yellow liquid with a sharp, sweetish smell.

What to use Styrene (ethenylbenzene)?

  • Production of plastics: Styrene is an essential monomer for the manufacture of polystyrene, a popular type of plastic.
  • Other polymers: In addition to polystyrene, styrene is also used in the production of various other polymers such as ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) and SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile).
  • Solvent: Due to its organic nature, styrene sometimes serves as a solvent in certain chemical processes.

Properties of Styrene (ethenylbenzene)

Styrene is highly flammable and can release vapors heavier than air, allowing them to spread to ignition sources at a distance. It is also an irritant to eyes and respiratory tract.


  • Is Styrene (ethenylbenzene) dangerous?
    Yes, it can cause irritation when in contact with the skin, eyes or when inhaled. Use it in a well-ventilated area and avoid prolonged exposure.
  • How should I store Styrene?
    Store it in a tightly sealed container, away from open flames and high temperatures, in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.
  • Where can I find more information about Styrene (ethenylbenzene)?
    For detailed information, please visit [Pubchem – Styrene].

Where can I buy high quality Styrene (ethenylbenzene)?

For high quality styrene you can always go to DutchChems.


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Styrene (ethenylbenzene)

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High quality Styrene (ethenylbenzene), ideal for the production of plastics and various other applications. Available at DutchChems.


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