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Aluminium sulphate

Aluminum Sulphate for Water Purification, Textile Production and More. Available at DutchChems.


What is Aluminum Sulfate?

Aluminum sulfate, often referred to as alum, is a chemical compound used in various industrial and domestic applications. It usually appears as a white crystalline solid and is best known for its use in water purification and textile production. Our Aluminium Sulphate is of high quality, ideal for professional applications.

What do you use Aluminium Sulphate for?

Aluminium sulphate has several applications:

  • Water purification: It acts as a coagulant to remove suspended particles from the water.
  • Textile industry: For fixing dyes on fabrics.
  • Paper production: To stabilize the size of paper particles and improve ink absorption.
  • Gardening: To lower the pH level of the soil.
  • Cosmetic products: As an astringent in some products.

Properties of Aluminium Sulphate

Aluminum sulfate is a salt of aluminum and sulfuric acid and is highly soluble in water. It is best known for its ability to react with other chemicals and cause effective coagulation in water purification.

Other common areas of application:

  • Use in baking powder as an acidity regulator.
  • As a mordant when dyeing fabrics.
  • Component in firefighting foam.
  • In cosmetics for its astringent properties.


  • Is Aluminum Sulfate Safe for Consumption? No, it is not considered safe for internal use.
  • Can Aluminum Sulfate be used to purify drinking water? Yes, it is often used to remove suspended particles from water, but the treated water must be filtered before it is safe to drink.
  • What is the chemical formula of Aluminum Sulfate? Its chemical formula is Al₂(SO₄)₃.
  • Where can I find more information about Aluminium Sulphate? More information can be found in the safety data sheets offered, or at: Pubchem.

Where can I buy Aluminium Sulphate?

Are you looking for Aluminium Sulphate for your professional needs? At DutchChems you will find high quality aluminium sulphate, perfect for various applications. Place your order now and take advantage of our fast delivery!


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