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Antimony, available in chunk form, is a versatile metal that plays a central role in various chemical applications. Whether functioning as a catalyst or manufacturing specific alloys, Antimony’s unique properties make it an indispensable element in laboratories and industries.


What is Antimony?

Antimony, denoted by the symbol Sb and atomic number 51, is a shiny gray metal distinguished by its heat-resistant properties and high electrical conductivity. As a solid metal, it is often used in chemical processes and as a component in various alloys.

Form of Antimony

We offer Antimony exclusively in the form of:

  • Kibble: This raw, unprocessed form of Antimony is ideal for certain chemical processes and preliminary experiments.

Chemical Applications of Antimony

Thanks to its unique properties, antimony is used in various chemical processes, including:

  • As a catalyst in the production of petrochemicals.
  • As an essential component in flame retardants.
  • For the manufacture of semiconductors and diodes.


  • How should I safely store Antimony chunks? It is advisable to store Antimony in a dry, cool place. Avoid exposure to the air to prevent oxidation.
  • Is Antimony poisonous? Although Antimony occurs in small amounts in certain alloys, overexposure can be harmful. It is essential to follow safety regulations.
  • Where can I find more information about Antimony? For more information, please refer to the safety data sheets or to Pubchem.

Where can I buy Antimony in Chunk form for chemical applications?

Looking for Antimony for your chemical applications? Discover here Antimony in kibble form, suitable for various chemical processes.


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