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Propylene glycol

High quality Propylene glycol, suitable for various industrial, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. Available at DutchChems.


What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene glycol is an organic compound with the chemical formula C3H8O2. It is a clear, colourless and virtually odourless liquid that has a wide range of applications. Propylene glycol is hygroscopic, which means it can absorb water from the environment, and it is also well soluble in water.

What do you use Propylene Glycol for?

  • Industrial: As a moisturizer in the production of plastics and as a carrier in hydraulic systems.
  • Foods: As a food-safe carrier for food coloring and flavorings.
  • Cosmetics: As a humectant in cosmetics, lotions and shampoos.
  • Pharmaceutical: As a solvent in oral, injectable and topical drugs.

Properties of Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is non-toxic and is generally considered safe for use in food, cosmetics and medicines. It has excellent dissolving properties and can therefore carry a wide range of fabrics.


  • Is Propylene Glycol Safe?
    Yes, in most applications and within certain concentrations it is considered safe.
  • How should I store Propylene Glycol?
    Store it in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and open flames.
  • Where can I find more information about Propylene Glycol?
    For detailed information, please visit [Pubchem – Propylene Glycol].

Where can I buy high quality Propylene Glycol?

For high-quality propylene glycol you can always contact DutchChems.


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