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Cleaning vinegar

Cleaning vinegar, perfect for removing green deposits, limescale, weeds and pet odors. This ready-made solution can be applied immediately and does not need to be diluted again.

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What is Cleaning Vinegar?

Our ready-to-use cleaning vinegar is specially formulated for a wide range of cleaning tasks in and around your home. Cleaning vinegar is an environmentally friendly alternative to other chemical cleaning agents. This product is perfect for combating limescale, green deposits and other stubborn stains.

Unlike Acetic Acid 80%, you can use this product straight from the bottle and do not need to dilute it further. This makes it extra easy to use.

Whether you want shiny windows, scone tiles, or a fresh bathroom, cleaning vinegar is your go-to product for removing grease, dirt, and bacteria. It leaves a clean, fresh scent and provides a streak-free result.

Applications of this product

  • Removing green deposits : Effective against algae and moss on terraces, garden paths and garden furniture.
  • Degreasing kitchen surfaces : Removes grease and dirt from kitchen counters, extractor hoods, and equipment.
  • Cleaning wooden surfaces : Cleans and refreshes wooden floors and furniture.
  • Cleaning washing machine : Removes soap residue and limescale, and keeps your washing machine fresh.
  • Natural weed killer : Helps control weed growth on patios and in joints.
  • Removing stains from clothing : Treats stubborn stains and odors in textiles.
  • Cleaning Stainless Steel : Makes stainless steel surfaces shine without damage.
  • Removing pet odors : Neutralizes unpleasant pet odors in the home.
  • Descaling the bathroom : Ideal for descaling taps, shower heads and tiles in the bathroom.

Where can I buy cleaning vinegar?

If you want to purchase high-quality cleaning vinegar, DutchChems is the right place for you. Our vinegar is the perfect solution for all your cleaning needs, all while being a natural, and environmentally friendly product.

Simply place an order in our webshop and have this product delivered to your home. For larger quantities, specific concentrations or other questions, please contact us via the contact form .

Volume (L)

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