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Erbium, offered in lump form, is an essential lanthanide metal that stands out in optical and medical applications, known for its versatility and reliability in the industry.


What is Erbium?

Erbium is a soft, silvery-white, lanthanide metal. Thanks to its unique properties, especially in optical and electronic fields, erbium is a valuable raw material in modern industry and science.

Form of Erbium

We offer Erbium in the following form:

  • Lumps: Compact units that can be easily measured and processed, ideal for various chemical and industrial applications.

Important Uses of Erbium

The unique properties of Erbium allow for a range of applications:

  • In the telecom industry as a doping agent for fiber optic amplifiers.
  • In the medical sector for laser surgery and dermatology.
  • For the production of special alloys and materials with improved properties.


  • How should I safely store Erbium lumps? Erbium should be stored in a dry, cool place, shielded from the air to prevent oxidation.
  • Is Erbium toxic? Although erbium is generally considered safe, skin contact or inhalation should be avoided. Always handle with suitable protective equipment.
  • Where can I find more information about Erbium? For more detailed details about Erbium, please consult the safety data sheets or visit Pubchem.

Where can I buy Erbium in Lump form for professional applications?

Looking for high-quality Erbium for your projects? We offer Erbium lumps that are optimized for various industrial and scientific purposes. From telecom to medical applications, our Erbium meets the highest quality standards. Contact us today and find out how Erbium can contribute to the progress of your work.


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