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Potassium hexacyanoferate / Blood lye salt

Potassium Hexacyanoferate (Blood Leaching Salt) for Photography, Electroplating and Chemical Research. Available at DutchChems.


What is Potassium Hexacyanoferate (Blood Lie Salt)?

Potassium hexacyanoferate, often referred to by the formula K₄[Fe(CN)₆] and more commonly known as Blood Lie Salt, is a clear, crystalline salt that contains both potassium and iron. It is characterized by its deep, almost ruby color in some solutions and is widely used in industry and science. DutchChems supplies high quality blood lye salt, perfect for various professional applications.

What do you use Potassium Hexacyanoferate for?

Blood lye salt has several uses, including:

  • Photography: As part of some photographic image development processes.
  • Electroplating: For coating certain metal objects.
  • Laboratory: As a reagent in various chemical experiments.

Properties of Potassium Hexacyanoferate

Potassium hexacyanoferate is well soluble in water and forms deep red solutions. Due to its unique chemical structure and properties, it is valuable in many scientific and industrial applications.

Other common areas of application:

  • In the production of blueprints.
  • As a corrosion inhibitor in some metal treatments.
  • As a metal cleaner, especially for iron and steel.


  • Is Potassium Hexacyanoferate Toxic? Yes, it can be toxic if swallowed and should be kept out of reach of children. It is also important to take protective measures when working with this substance.
  • What is the chemical formula of Blood Libe Salt? Its chemical formula is K₄[Fe(CN)₆].
  • Where can I find more information about Potassium Hexacyanoferate? More information can be found in the safety data sheets offered, or at: Pubchem.

Where Can I Buy Potassium Hexacyanoferate?

Looking for Potassium Hexacyanoferate or Blood Libe Salt for industrial or scientific purposes? DutchChems supplies high-quality Blood Libe Salt for applications in photography, electroplating and more. Order now!


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