Sodium Acetate

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Sodium Acetate is the sodium salt of acetic acid. It is a colourless salt that is absorbed very easily in water and has a wide range of uses.

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Sodium Acetate is an organic sodium salt than contains an acetate. It is a hygroscopic powder and very soluble in water. It can be used for additives in food, industry, concrete manufacture, heating pads and in buffer solutions. When put in water it forms sodium ions (Na+) and acetate ions.

Sodium Acetate can be mildly irritating to the eyes and skin. When it decomposes on heating or when in contact with a strong acid, the danger of acetic acid fumes arising exists.


Molecular Formula: CH3COONa
Chemical Names: Sodium Acetate
Sodium acetate anhydrous
Acetic acid, sodium salt
Molecular Weight: 82.03 g/mol
CAS number:
EC number:
ICSC number:

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Weight N/A

1.0 kg, 2.5 kg, 5.0 kg


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