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In the world of chemistry, the right compounds are essential for successful results, whether in research, product development or everyday applications. As a leading wholesaler and supplier of chemicals, DutchChems offers an extensive range of high-quality chemical products. These substances play a crucial role in various industrial processes and laboratory applications.

Chemicals in All Quantities

At DutchChems we understand that our customers’ needs vary – not everyone needs large quantities of chemicals. That is why we distinguish ourselves by not only acting as a wholesaler for large-scale deliveries, but also offering our products in smaller quantities. This flexibility makes us the ideal partner for both large industrial players and smaller laboratories, research institutions and even creative projects that only require a limited amount of a certain substance. Our goal is to be accessible and helpful to all customers, regardless of the size of their project or business. At DutchChems you can count on the same quality and service, whether you place bulk orders or only need a small quantity of an essential chemical.

Our assortment

At DutchChems we offer a diverse and extensive range of more than 200 chemicals, suitable for a wide range of applications:


Our acids, such as hydrochloric acid , sulfuric acid , and acetic acid , play a crucial role in the chemical industry. They are used in complex organic synthesis reactions, serve as electrolytes in batteries and are indispensable in the purification of metals and the production of plastics.


Powerful bases such as sodium hydroxide and ammonia are fundamental in the production of paper, textiles and detergents. They are also used for the neutralization of acids in wastewater treatment and play a key role in biodiesel production through the process of saponification.


Salts such as sodium chloride and potassium nitrate have versatile uses, ranging from food preservation to acting as oxidizers in fireworks. They are also vital in the development of photosensitive materials in photography.


Our metals, including iron , gold, and zinc , have applications ranging from catalysts in the synthesis of fine chemicals to the manufacture of electronic components. For example, iron is widely used in the Haber-Bosch process for ammonia production, while gold is a key component in advanced electronic and medical equipment.


Nonmetals such as sulfur , carbon , and oxygen are indispensable in both organic synthesis and industrial processes. For example, sulfur is used in the production of sulfuric acid, one of the most widely produced chemicals worldwide, while carbon is essential in steelmaking and in filtration processes.


Metalloids such as silicon and arsenic are used in the semiconductor industry and in advanced materials. For example, silicon is crucial in the production of computer chips and solar panels, while arsenic is used in lead-free glasses and semiconductors.

Organic compounds

Our organic compounds, including benzene , ethanol , and methanol , are the building blocks for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, and in the production of fuels and plastics. Ethanol, for example, is used as a solvent and as a biofuel, while glucose is crucial in the food industry and biotechnological applications.

Inorganic compounds

These compounds are essential in the production of ceramics, pigments and catalysts. They are also important in water purification technology and as raw materials in the glass industry.


Our offering includes a wide range of polymers, from synthetic polymers such as polyethylene . This is a substance used in packaging and containers. We also offer natural polymers such as cellulose which is essential in the paper production and textile industry.

Solvents and Disinfectants

Within our extensive range of chemicals, DutchChems offers a selection of high-quality solvents and disinfectants. These are essential for both industrial applications and laboratories. These include:

  • Isopropanol : A versatile solvent known for its effectiveness in cleaning and degreasing surfaces. This substance is also used in the production of disinfectants and cosmetics. Isopropanol is indispensable in laboratories for purifying DNA and in the electronics industry for cleaning components. More about Isopropanol .
  • Acetone : A powerful solvent commonly used in the paint and varnish industry. This substance is also used to remove nail polish and as a cleaning agent in laboratories. Acetone is important in chemical synthesis, where it serves as an important intermediate. More about Acetone .
  • Hydrogen peroxide : An effective disinfectant and bleach, used in various industries including healthcare, cosmetics and water treatment. Hydrogen peroxide also plays a role as an oxidant in chemical reactions and in environmental remediation techniques. More about Hydrogen Peroxide .

Each of these products has been carefully selected to meet our strict quality standards. This provides the purity and reliability that our customers require for their various applications.

Legislation and Regulations relating to chemical substances

Chemicals may have inherently hazardous properties, which require careful handling during production, storage, transportation, use and disposal. To minimize risks to people and the environment, it is essential to assess the risks for each substance. Within certain legal frameworks, this risk assessment is even mandatory.

European Legislation: REACH and CLP

European legislation, in particular the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) and CLP (Classification, Labeling and Packaging) regulations, form the core of the regulation of chemicals within the EU. REACH requires companies to register chemicals and prove that they can be used safely. The CLP ensures uniform communication about the hazards and risks of chemical products.

Bureau REACH and the CLP Helpdesk

In the Netherlands, the implementation of REACH and CLP is supported by Bureau REACH, located at the RIVM. This agency plays a crucial role in preparing and assessing files, participating in European discussions about the implementation of this legislation and providing support to companies with regard to the regulations. Bureau REACH strives to guarantee the safety of chemicals in both the Netherlands and Europe. The focus is on the protection of people and the environment.

Handy Guide to Chemical Compliance

For individuals and companies working with chemicals, the REACH agency website and the CLP Helpdesk provide an essential source of information. This guide provided by Bureau REACH and the CLP Helpdesk provides clear instructions on regulatory compliance. It helps companies active in the chemical industry to meet all relevant legal requirements.

At DutchChems we are fully committed to complying with these complex regulations. We do this not only to guarantee the safety of our products, but also to contribute to national responsible handling of chemicals. For example, we always ask customers to complete a user declaration when ordering hazardous substances such as precursors .

Selection of a Wholesaler or Supplier of chemicals

When choosing a chemical wholesaler or supplier, it is crucial to choose partners who not only offer a wide and high-quality range, but who also have a strong focus on safety, reliability and regulatory compliance. For example, consider taking the following aspects into account:

Quality and Purity

Ensure that the supplier provides products that meet the highest quality and purity standards. Let this be supported by clear specifications and quality certificates.

Regulatory compliance

Choose a supplier who demonstrably complies with all relevant local and international regulations. including REACH and CLP.

Reliability and Experience

Positive references from existing customers can be very important in determining the reliability of the supplier. This also shows that the necessary experience is available.

Let’s Work Together

At DutchChems we understand the challenges and opportunities that the chemical industry offers. Whether you are looking for specific chemicals for your research projects, industrial applications or educational purposes, we are ready to support you with our extensive range of high-quality chemicals and our expert guidance.

We invite you to explore our full range in our user-friendly online store. Here you can easily find the products you need. For more information, personal advice or specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our expert team is ready to answer all your questions. Together we will find the best solutions for your chemical needs.

Discover the possibilities with DutchChems and let us contribute to the success of your projects. Visit our online store or contact us directly to see how we can help you.

Together we can make the world of chemistry safer, more sustainable and more innovative.